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Command Your Online Presence with Peddyl CRM's Dynamic Reputation Management!

Elevate your reviews, enhance customer trust, and empower your brand!

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Peddyl CRM dashboard showing reputation metrics: review goals, recent reviews, average rating, and online listing status.

Harness the Power of Customer Feedback

Transform insights into action and watch your business reputation soar to new heights.

Next Level Review Management

Peddyl CRM dashboard trio showing monthly reviews, invite goals with progress, and a leaderboard for invites, alongside sentiment breakdown and average rating.

✔︎ Track and Triumph: Monitor reviews across platforms with ease. Our dashboard aggregates feedback from Facebook, Google, and more, offering you a centralized view of your reputation landscape.

✔︎ Invites That Ignite: Propel your review count skyward. Our intuitive system reminds you to send out review requests, helping you stay on course to reach and exceed your feedback goals.

✔︎ Insightful Analytics: Dive deep into data that matters. Understand your ratings' trajectory with our analytics that detail your average ratings and sentiment trends over time.

✔︎ Engage and Excel: Respond promptly to feedback. Engage with your customers directly from the dashboard, showing them that their voice is heard and valued.

receive real-time notifications right from your smartphone.

Gauge Real Customer Perceptions

Efficiently analyze feedback sentiment to refine and enhance your business strategies.

Perfect Your Customer's Journey

Widget displaying this month's sentiment analysis in Peddyl CRM, with positive reviews and negative reviews.

Positive Pulse

Feel the pulse of customer happiness with sentiment analysis. Recognize what delights your clients to replicate success.

Constructive Critiques

Turn negative feedback into constructive growth opportunities. Our system highlights areas for improvement, driving you to excel.

Maximize Visibility of Your Online Listings with Peddyl CRM

Ensure accuracy and consistency across all platforms to boost your business's online discoverability.

Optimize Your Listings for Unmatched Online Impact

Status Spotlight

Keep your listings accurate and accessible. Our live status tracking ensures your business information is up-to-date across all platforms, boosting your online visibility.

Graphic of a megaphone with Peddyl CRM's listing management interface, highlighting location pins on a map and platform verification checkmarks for Google and others.

Seamless Synchronization

Never miss a beat with our automatic synchronization that keeps your listings in check, ensuring potential customers always find the right information.

Illustration of Peddyl CRM's online listing management tool, with icons for Google, Facebook, and other platforms

Accelerate Growth with Strategic Review Generation

Empower your brand’s credibility by multiplying positive reviews effortlessly.

Automated Review Requests 🙂

Automated review request from Peddyl CRM with a rating prompt, asking if the customer would recommend the services that were provided.

One-Click Wonders

Generate new reviews with just one click. Our automated requests make it effortless to encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay in the loop with instant notifications for new reviews, keeping your finger on the pulse of customer sentiment.

Start your journey towards a 5-star reputation today!

With Peddyl CRM's Reputation Management feature, your business is poised to build a stellar online reputation that reflects the quality and care you provide.

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Discover the difference with Peddyl CRM

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Contact Management

Effortlessly organize and nurture your relationships with advanced Contact Management. Streamline communication, track interactions, and ensure personalized engagement for every client, all in one centralized hub.

Multi-Channel Inbox

Stay on top of every conversation across various channels with a Multi-Channel Centralized Inbox. Effortlessly manage emails, messages, and inquiries from one unified platform, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

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Pipelines & Opportunities

Visualize and optimize your sales journey with an intuitive Pipelines & Opportunities feature. From lead acquisition to successful deals, map out your path to success and convert prospects into long-term clients with ease.

Automations & Workflows

Boost efficiency and eliminate manual tasks with Process Automations & Workflows. Design and implement automated processes that streamline your operations, saving time and ensuring consistency in every action.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Automations and Workflows

Social Media Planner & Integrations

Elevate your social media presence and engagement with a Social Media Planner & Integrations. Plan, schedule, and analyze your social media campaigns seamlessly, all integrated into your CRM for a cohesive marketing strategy.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Social Media Planner

Reputation Management

Safeguard and enhance your brand's reputation effortlessly with Reputation Management tools. Monitor online reviews, address feedback, and proactively manage your online image to build trust and credibility.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Reputation Management

Integrated Calendars

Stay organized and on schedule with Integrated Calendars. Sync your appointments, meetings, and tasks in one place, ensuring you never miss a beat in managing your time and commitments.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Unleash the power of Omni-Channel Marketing. Reach your audience wherever they are with coordinated campaigns across multiple channels, creating a unified and impactful brand presence.


Enhance the capabilities of your CRM by seamlessly integrating with your favorite tools and platforms. Connect, collaborate, and streamline your workflow with a wide array of integrations designed to fit your unique business needs.