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Seamless Integrations to Boost Your Workflow

Unlock the full potential of Peddyl CRM with our seamless integrations. Connect with your favorite tools and platforms effortlessly, streamlining your workflow and maximizing productivity.

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Native Integrations

Peddyl CRM offers native integrations with a wide range of popular tools and platforms, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our users. Take advantage of our robust integrations to simplify your processes and supercharge your business.

Unlock Seamless Workflow Efficiency with Peddyl CRM's Native Integrations

Connect Your Favorite Tools and Platforms Effortlessly to Boost Productivity and Maximize Results

Unlock the full potential of Peddyl CRM with our seamless integrations. Connect with your favorite tools and platforms effortlessly, streamlining your workflow and maximizing productivity.

Twitter/X Integration

Stay connected with your audience and manage your social media presence directly from Peddyl CRM. Sync your Twitter account seamlessly and engage with followers effortlessly.

X Integration icon with Simple close button icon with an 'X' mark.

Slack Integration

Collaborate with your team in real-time and keep everyone on the same page with our Slack integration. Share updates, assign tasks, and streamline communication for enhanced productivity.

Slack integration icon that has colorful abstract logo with a cluster of rounded bars forming a dynamic pattern.

Quickbooks Integration

Simplify your accounting processes and keep your finances in check with our Quickbooks integration. Seamlessly sync your financial data and gain valuable insights to drive informed decisions.

QuickBooks green and white logo icon for financial and accounting software.

Zoom Integration

Host virtual meetings and webinars seamlessly with our Zoom integration. Schedule meetings, send invites, and join calls directly from Peddyl CRM, keeping your team connected no matter where they are.

Blue video camera icon symbolizing online video call or video chat feature.

Zapier Integration

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow with our Zapier integration. Connect Peddyl CRM with thousands of apps and create custom workflows to suit your unique needs.

Zapier platform icon with Orange asterisk symbol icon on a white circle background, indicating a feature or notification.

Outlook Integration

Sync your email and calendar effortlessly with our Outlook integration. Stay organized, manage appointments, and keep track of important deadlines without ever leaving Peddyl CRM.

Wallet app icon representing secure digital payments and financial management.

Google Business Profile Integration

Manage your online presence and attract more customers with our Google Business Profile integration. Update your business information, respond to reviews, and track analytics to optimize your online visibility.

Google store icon for accessing a variety of applications on the Google platform.

Stripe Integration

Accept payments seamlessly and streamline your sales process with our Stripe integration. Enable secure payment processing directly within Peddyl CRM and provide a frictionless checkout experience for your customers.

Stripe payment processor logo icon, featuring the brand's name in white on a blue background.

Facebook Integration

Engage with your audience and grow your business on Facebook with our seamless integration. Manage your Facebook page, schedule posts, and track performance metrics to optimize your social media strategy.

Facebook social media icon with the signature 'f' logo in white on a dark circular background.

Shopify Integration

Streamline your e-commerce operations and manage your Shopify store effortlessly with our integration. Sync product data, track orders, and provide exceptional customer service directly from Peddyl CRM.

Shopify e-commerce platform icon showcasing a shopping bag with the Shopify 'S' logo.

Gmail Integration

Stay on top of your emails and manage your inbox efficiently with our Gmail integration. Sync your email account seamlessly and access your messages directly within Peddyl CRM for enhanced productivity.

Gmail icon.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Connect with your customers in real-time and provide instant support with our Facebook Messenger integration. Respond to messages, answer inquiries, and build meaningful relationships with ease.

Facebook Messenger app icon with the signature chat bubble and lightning symbol.

WhatsApp Integration

Communicate with your customers on their preferred messaging platform with our WhatsApp integration. Send messages, share updates, and provide personalized support directly from Peddyl CRM.

WhatsApp messaging app icon featuring phone receiver inside a chat bubble.

TikTok Integration

Harness the power of TikTok to reach a wider audience and drive engagement for your business. Manage your TikTok account, create engaging content, and track performance metrics seamlessly with our integration.

TikTok app icon with music note design symbolizing short-form video entertainment.

Linkedin Integration

Build your professional network and grow your business on Linkedin with our integration. Share updates, engage with your audience, and generate leads directly from Peddyl CRM.

LinkedIn social network icon with 'in' symbol for professional networking and career development.

Instagram Integration

Showcase your products and connect with your audience on Instagram with our integration. Schedule posts, track performance metrics, and grow your following effortlessly with Peddyl CRM.

Instagram social media app icon featuring the camera lens for photo and video sharing.

Clio Integration

Streamline your legal practice and manage your cases efficiently with our Clio integration. Sync client data, track billable hours, and automate administrative tasks to maximize productivity.

Clio icon with checked mark icon inside a blue circle representing approval, confirmation, or completion.

Dope Marketing Integration

Elevate your marketing efforts and drive results with our Dope Marketing integration. Create targeted campaigns, track performance metrics, and optimize your marketing strategy for success.

Bold red 'DOPE' text logo on a white circular background.

iCalendar Integration

Sync your calendar seamlessly with our iCalendar integration. Stay organized, manage appointments, and never miss a deadline with Peddyl CRM.

Calendar app icon displaying 'Tuesday 14', representing a digital date reminder.

Google Meet Integration

Host virtual meetings and collaborate with your team effortlessly with our Google Meet integration. Schedule meetings, share screens, and stay connected no matter where you are.

Google Meet app icon with colorful camera symbol for online video conferencing.

Google Analytics Integration

Track and analyze your website traffic with our Google Analytics integration. Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Analytics bar chart icon in gradient orange, symbolizing data analysis and growth metrics.

Google Calendar Integration

Stay organized and manage your schedule effectively with our Google Calendar integration. Sync events, set reminders, and stay on top of your commitments with Peddyl CRM.

Google Calendar app icon with the number 31, representing scheduling and event planning features.

Google Ads Integration

Drive targeted traffic to your website and maximize your ROI with our Google Ads integration. Create and manage ad campaigns, track performance metrics, and optimize your advertising strategy for success.

Google Ads icon symbolizing online advertising and marketing services provided by Google.

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Contact Management

Effortlessly organize and nurture your relationships with advanced Contact Management. Streamline communication, track interactions, and ensure personalized engagement for every client, all in one centralized hub.

Multi-Channel Inbox

Stay on top of every conversation across various channels with a Multi-Channel Centralized Inbox. Effortlessly manage emails, messages, and inquiries from one unified platform, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

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Pipelines & Opportunities

Visualize and optimize your sales journey with an intuitive Pipelines & Opportunities feature. From lead acquisition to successful deals, map out your path to success and convert prospects into long-term clients with ease.

Automations & Workflows

Boost efficiency and eliminate manual tasks with Process Automations & Workflows. Design and implement automated processes that streamline your operations, saving time and ensuring consistency in every action.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Automations and Workflows

Social Media Planner & Integrations

Elevate your social media presence and engagement with a Social Media Planner & Integrations. Plan, schedule, and analyze your social media campaigns seamlessly, all integrated into your CRM for a cohesive marketing strategy.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Social Media Planner

Reputation Management

Safeguard and enhance your brand's reputation effortlessly with Reputation Management tools. Monitor online reviews, address feedback, and proactively manage your online image to build trust and credibility.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Reputation Management

Integrated Calendars

Stay organized and on schedule with Integrated Calendars. Sync your appointments, meetings, and tasks in one place, ensuring you never miss a beat in managing your time and commitments.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Unleash the power of Omni-Channel Marketing. Reach your audience wherever they are with coordinated campaigns across multiple channels, creating a unified and impactful brand presence.


Enhance the capabilities of your CRM by seamlessly integrating with your favorite tools and platforms. Connect, collaborate, and streamline your workflow with a wide array of integrations designed to fit your unique business needs.