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Transform Your Deck Building Business with Peddyl CRM

The Ultimate CRM Designed to Streamline Your Deck Construction Projects, From Lead Management to Customer Communications

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A deck builder using a circular saw on a deck with the Peddyl CRM interface overlay showcasing deck contractor features like calendar, task manager, and sales and communication analytics.

Custom-Built Features for Deck Building Success

Discover the power of a CRM specifically designed for deck builders. With features like Lead and Sales Pipeline, Automated Construction Pipelines, and Custom Job Management, managing your projects has never been easier.

Invest in Growth, Not Just Software

Peddyl CRM transcends typical software offerings by becoming a collaborative partner, dedicated to propelling your deck building business to unprecedented heights.

Communication Suite


✔︎ Contact Management (up to 250 contacts)

✔︎ Multi-Channel Communication (SMS, Email, Business Phone)

✔︎ CRM Features (Contact Lists, Custom Fields, File Storage)

✔︎ Activity Tracking (Contact Activity, Notes, Tasks & Reminders)

✔︎ Customer Engagement (Website Chat Widget, GMB Call Tracking)

USD (billed monthly)
1 User Included
Additional Users $25/mo Each

Business Suite


✔︎ All Communication Suite Features

✔︎ Enhanced Contact Capacity (up to 2500 contacts)


✔︎ Sales Management (Opportunities & Lead Pipelines)


✔︎ Scheduling Tools (Calendar, Appointment Booking)


✔︎ Advanced Analytics (Google & Facebook Ads, Lead Source, Call Reporting)

USD (billed monthly)
1 User Included
Additional Users $35/mo Each

Marketing Suite


✔︎ All Communication & Business Suite Features


✔︎ Unlimited Contact Management


✔︎ Comprehensive Marketing Tools (Social Planner, Email & SMS Templates)


✔︎ Automation & Campaigns (Workflows, A/B Testing, Funnels)


✔︎ Content Creation (Blogs, Triggers, Website Builder)

USD (billed monthly)
1 User Included
Additional Users $45/mo Each

Begin your journey towards advanced CRM capabilities. With Peddyl CRM, every touchpoint is valuable, transforming every client into a key part of your deck building success story.

Embark on discovering the next level of customer relationship management with a complimentary trial. Experience how Peddyl CRM can redefine your interactions today.

The Peddyl CRM Mobile App propels your deck building business into new realms of efficiency and flexibility, offering unparalleled agility for on-the-go management.

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Key Features of Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors

Learn how Peddyl CRM revolutionizes deck building businesses, equipping you with advanced tools for comprehensive client management, streamlined job scheduling, and effective marketing strategies, all specifically designed to meet the distinctive requirements of deck construction.

✔︎ Custom Deck Builder Workflows: Leverage automated workflows for every project phase, from initial contact to project completion. Pre-built tasks, emails, and SMS communications keep your team organized and your customers informed every step of the way.

✔︎ Your Complete Marketing Suite: Integrate all facets of your marketing with Peddyl CRM’s comprehensive suite. From automated review requests to appointment reminders, every interaction is streamlined for your deck building business.

✔︎ Automated Construction Pipelines: Automate your construction process with specialized pipelines for covered structures, deck refinishing, deck surface replacement, and new deck projects, streamlining every step until project completion.

✔︎ Plug-and-Play Customer Communications: Save time with our pre-built email and SMS templates tailored for deck builders. Customize with your company info and logo, and you're set to impress clients with professional, consistent communications. Our ready-to-use communication templates save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what you do best—building stunning decks.

✔︎ Custom Job Management: Our custom job management fields allow you to monitor specific information for each job type, keeping all crucial details in one accessible location.

✔︎ Document Storage for Each Milestone: Easily store and access documents for each job milestone, ensuring all team members have the information they need when they need it.

✔︎ Step-by-Step Automated Workflows: Navigate through projects effortlessly with our automated workflows. Pre-built tasks guide you and your team from project inception to completion.


✔︎ Streamlined Client Management: Easily manage client details, including job preferences, communication history, and contact info, all in a unified system. Our user-friendly interface simplifies data handling for customized service at every project phase.

✔︎ Simplified Project Scheduling: Eliminate overbookings and overlooked jobs with our integrated scheduling tool. Clients can secure their project dates online anytime, ensuring a smooth operation.

✔︎ Customized Marketing Efforts: Leverage specialized marketing features for direct promotions, seasonal offers, and customer loyalty incentives, crafted to enhance client engagement and expand your client base.

✔︎ Detailed Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights with our analytics, tracking project progress, revenue trends, and customer interactions to inform strategic decisions.

✔︎ On-the-Go Accessibility: With the Peddyl CRM mobile app, manage your business anywhere, accessing project details, client data, and notifications directly from your device, keeping you connected to your business operations at all times.

A screenshot of Peddyl CRM's mobile calendar interface displaying various scheduled appointments for Sweet Cutz Barber Shop, including wash & style and beard trim sessions.

Revolutionize Your Deck Building Business

Why Choose Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors?

Building Superior Deck Projects with Advanced Technology

✔︎ Customized for Deck Builders: Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors is uniquely built to serve the nuanced needs of deck building businesses, with features directly addressing industry-specific requirements.

✔︎ Enhance Client Relations: Use Peddyl CRM to deliver exceptional service, fostering strong loyalty and promoting referrals through superior client experiences.


✔︎ Maximize Operational Efficiency: Automate everyday tasks such as project updates and follow-ups, focusing your efforts on craftsmanship and client relations.

✔︎ Business Growth: Utilize in-depth insights and targeted marketing tools provided by Peddyl CRM to broaden your clientele and boost your business's revenue.

Screenshot of the Peddyl CRM automation workflow interface for deck contractors showing the process map for managing different project types like new decks, deck surface replacement, and deck refinishing with triggers, conditions, and communication steps.

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Deck Building Business With Peddyl CRM

From First Contact to Project Completion: Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors Takes Your Business To The Next Level

Full Features of Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors

Your deck building business stands to gain immensely from the specialized features offered by Peddyl CRM for Deck Builders, specifically crafted to elevate both your operational efficiency and client satisfaction levels. Below is an overview of the functionalities tailored specifically for Deck Contractors:

✔︎ Project and Lead Management: Centralized CRM to manage leads and client information efficiently.

✔︎ Enhanced Communication Tools: Comprehensive email and SMS marketing, call handling, and social media integration.

✔︎ Project Workflow Automation: Drag-and-drop tools to automate project management and client follow-ups.

✔︎ Customizable Sales Funnels: Easily create landing pages and funnels with conversion-focused features.

✔︎ Web Development Tools: Intuitive website and form builders to enhance your online presence.

✔︎ Online Appointment System: Simplify booking with online scheduling and automated reminders.

✔︎ Client Feedback Collection: Create and embed surveys directly on your website.

✔︎ Mobile Management: Access client data and manage projects anywhere with a mobile app.

✔︎ Instant Updates: Stay informed with real-time notifications on project progress and client interactions.

✔︎ Call Management Features: Advanced call tracking, automated voicemails, and communication options.

✔︎ In-depth Analytics: Detailed reports and integrations for comprehensive project and marketing analysis.

✔︎ Seamless Integrations: Connect with essential apps and services for streamlined workflows.

✔︎ Reputation Management: Automated review requests and real-time review display tools.

✔︎ Direct Messaging Capabilities: Engage clients with targeted messages and updates.

These features are specifically tailored for the unique needs of deck building businesses, aiming to simplify project and client management, enhance engagement, and drive growth with strategic marketing and seamless communication.

Peddyl CRM dashboard for deck builders showing a sales pipeline with categorized leads under different stages from 'In-Person Consultation' to 'Proposal (Fire)' with names and potential deal values listed for each lead.
Interface of Peddyl CRM for Deck Contractors showing contact management screen with list of clients, including details like names, phone numbers, emails, creation dates, last activity, and tags for recent interactions such as opened proposal follow-ups.
Peddyl CRM platform at the center connecting with various social media and business service apps, showcasing seamless digital integration for marketing and customer relations.

Integrate Your Systems, Optimize Your Workflow

Peddyl CRM effortlessly syncs with your deck building business's current tools and software, including email services, social media, and other essential applications. It centralizes your workflow, ensuring everything operates in unison for efficiency and ease.

Transform Your Deck Company with Peddyl CRM

Witness a transformation in how you manage clients and deliver top-notch service. Elevate your deck building business today!

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Discover the difference with Peddyl CRM

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Contact Management

Effortlessly organize and nurture your relationships with advanced Contact Management. Streamline communication, track interactions, and ensure personalized engagement for every client, all in one centralized hub.

Multi-Channel Inbox

Stay on top of every conversation across various channels with a Multi-Channel Centralized Inbox. Effortlessly manage emails, messages, and inquiries from one unified platform, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

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Pipelines & Opportunities

Visualize and optimize your sales journey with an intuitive Pipelines & Opportunities feature. From lead acquisition to successful deals, map out your path to success and convert prospects into long-term clients with ease.

Automations & Workflows

Boost efficiency and eliminate manual tasks with Process Automations & Workflows. Design and implement automated processes that streamline your operations, saving time and ensuring consistency in every action.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Automations and Workflows

Social Media Planner & Integrations

Elevate your social media presence and engagement with a Social Media Planner & Integrations. Plan, schedule, and analyze your social media campaigns seamlessly, all integrated into your CRM for a cohesive marketing strategy.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Social Media Planner

Reputation Management

Safeguard and enhance your brand's reputation effortlessly with Reputation Management tools. Monitor online reviews, address feedback, and proactively manage your online image to build trust and credibility.

Peddyl CRM Feature: Reputation Management

Integrated Calendars

Stay organized and on schedule with Integrated Calendars. Sync your appointments, meetings, and tasks in one place, ensuring you never miss a beat in managing your time and commitments.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Unleash the power of Omni-Channel Marketing. Reach your audience wherever they are with coordinated campaigns across multiple channels, creating a unified and impactful brand presence.