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Outside Sales, also known as field Sales, is the practice of traveling to meet your potential customers to give them a personalized sales experience. Depending on the industry that your business serves, the location of the meeting can be at someones house, place of business, or another mutually agreed upon location.


Every Business Needs Outside Sales

It is often necessary for you to build a rapport and establish personal connections with your customers. Since this is very difficult to do or accomplish with a remote sales strategy, using an outside sales rep offers the best chance for your business to succeed. Meeting in person and having face-to-face interactions allows your sales rep to give detailed product information and demonstrations, while also creating trust and a more personal relationship with potential clients.

Sales reps are the ones who are doing all the footwork for your company, they are the face of your business. The sales reps present your business to potential customers and explain to them why your business is important as well as what your business has to offer. At Peddyl we have the best representatives to help and meet customers for you.


In the real world, unfortunately, looks seem to matter. Hiring a sales representative also allows your business to keep up with consistency in your branding and presenting a professional look. For starters, your sales rep will have a uniform with your company logo, and the uniform will be the same for as many sales reps as you decide to hire. You can also brand their cars with your logo, slogan, or contact information.

Having fully trained sales representatives that are well versed in your current and different technology methods also creates a more professional appearance. By expanding your technology methods, you demonstrate technological organization in your approach to collecting information and getting estimates. When you have multiple technology options, it shows that your company is current and keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology

Give Your Business A Professional Appearance


Hiring a sales rep saves you time. When you can leave in-person consultations, frequently asked questions, measurements, fittings, adjustments, samplings and other customer service related aspects to somebody else, you create more time to focus on more important areas of your business. You also are able to leave the constant brainstorming of sales pitch preparation to somebody else, ensuring you’ll have more free time over-all.

By using your newly freed time to focus on faster production methods, quality control and research, and securing financing for your company, you are able to keep up with client demands and adapt to your customer bases’ needs. Hiring someone to handle your sales allows you to focus on specifics such as special order customizations with less distractions and big-boss issues such as bulk orders, event management, shipping issues or delays, and advertisement.

Increase Business Owners Productivity


If all sales were done in a house this would mean that the company would be closed off to certain clients and the public. When outside sales are present in the business, this helps to draw in more customers and clients and encourage them to buy what you are offering. By having outside sales reps you’re expanding, not only in central New Jersey, but in all of New Jersey as well.

By expanding your sales to in-person meetings, you have the opportunity to increase cash flow not only through solidifying sales pitches with professional agents, but also by taking advantage of the inevitable “word of mouth” advertisement you will receive from clients who have met with one of our clean, knowledgeable and polite salesmen or women. Word of mouth advertising broadens your client horizons, directly increasing cash flow by increasing the amount of people exposed to your business.

Increase Cash Flow

Your closing ratio is the number of deals your business closes compared to the number of presentations you have made. For instance if you make 10 presentations this month and only closed two sales, your closing ratio would then be 20%. Having higher closing ratios shows your business how effective your sales reps are, and where your product pricing is compared to your market. A salesperson is only as good as his lead, so making sure that your business sales reps are collecting as much information about the prospective clients, as well as fully engaging with clients in their follow-ups causes all closing ratios to go up compared to the inside sales closing ratio.

When meeting with your customers and clients, you’re giving them a sense of closure that they are making the right decision when choosing your business services over someone else’s. Kind of like when you are speaking with a car sales man, he tells you one car drives better than the other. A sense of trust is built and this kind of trust is what helps you seal the deal with any customer or client.

Increase Closing Ratios


Your potential and future clients that have not yet become established customers might need some convincing to spend money on your company. Hiring a sales representative can take your business to the next level of growth by providing clear examples and demonstrations of your product to your customers, and securing more sales for your business. By hiring a trained representative that is knowledgeable in what your business provides, you prevent unsatisfied customers by making sure your product or service fits exactly what your customer is looking for.

Besides offering in-person samples and opportunities for clients to explore your products before purchasing, a professional sales rep will be able to adjust their sales pitch depending on their audience. By reading body language and getting to know their client personally, a sales rep can make a product more appealing in person, or bring to your clients’ attention certain perks or benefits they may have overlooked unless pointed out. The sales pitch of your business should capture your customer’s attention and keep the sales conversation moving in the direction.

Better Presentation Of Your Business To The Client

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