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Lead Generation is the process by which a business finds and cultivates people interested in their product of service. There are many parts to this process which include building stratigies to increase potential customer interest, awareness, and then nurture them until they purchase your product or service.

Here at Peddyl we excel at helping business generate more leads through the use of many different tools.

Every Business Needs A Marketing Team

Marketing teams are essential to a businesses success. They serve as the face of your business by coordinating and producing all of the materials that represent your business. Marketing teams also develop and implement strategies to promote brand awareness, drive sales of your products and services through the use of digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies.

There are many kinds of leads, some are online leads, mail in leads, facebook leads, Etc... Leads help transition someone who is interested in your businesses product or service to becoming a potential customer.

There are also different levels of leads and the stages they are in. To list a few, there are marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, product qualified leads, and service qualified leads. A marketing qualified lead may have contacted your business about marketing services but are not ready to start working with your business and receive a sales call. They just expressed interest. A sales qualified lead is someone who is ready to start and become a paying customer. A product qualified lead is someone who expresses interest in or has already paid for a product or service of your business and the information they have given your business makes the sales team know how to address them in becoming a regular customer purchasing your product or service. Service leads are people who have contacted the business service team expressing interest in becoming a potential customer.

What Is A Lead?

A lead is a person or company that expresses interest in a businesses product or service. The expressed interest is captured by resources like filling their email address into a "subscribe" link on a website, filling out a contact form for more information, or someone who has expressed interest through other marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Marketing starts by using the Lead Generation Process. It takes the contact information collected and places them into a channel that is used to drive the traffic to your landing pages, online surveys, or a Botton on a website that allow the stranger or visitor to move forwards and take a form of action. There are many types of Lead Generating Marketing that are used to generate leads such as: Content, Email, Ads and Retargeting, Blog, Social Media, and Referral Marketing Content.

Content is something you create that provides people with useful information that attracts them to click on the link that goes to your landing page which they can then fill out the form with their contact info for exchange of the offer.

Email is a great channel to assist in your already established client base and people that are familiar with the product or service of the business.

Ads and Retargeting, similar to Content,  is placing content in the form of an ad that interests people to take action and purchase a product or service.

Blogs are another great tool of Lead Generating Marketing. They allow the blogger to advertise the offer and can be tailored to specifically "how to" purchase your product or service.

Social Media platforms help to direct the person to the offer given and the call to action by the words posted from your platform.

Referral Market is word of mouth. It is positive feedback from a person to another causing the one receiving the referral to take action.

Lead Generation Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to generate leads for your business. Lead Generation Marketing focuses on brand awareness with the intent of getting the maximum amount of leads to push through a lead qualification process.

Let's say for example that I am looking to buy a huge cake for a party next month. I want to know what it's going to cost me and so I can see if it fits into my available budget, and what is available in my area. So I go online and look up best cakes for parties. One of the links goes to a website that has lots of pictures of different cakes in action.  I explore the website and read a blog article about how to choose the best cake for your event. Then I look at their instagram page and follow that up with some Facebook exploration. Lastly, I see a subscribe form on the website that offers a discount coupon for filling my email address in. So, naturally because I love discounts, I put in my email address.

The lead generation process attracts new potential customers to the products and services of your business by increasing their interest with the hope of making them a potential customer. This starts with Peddyl attracting visitors through surveys, online networks such as social media, blogs, and online postings on websites. Then we convert the visitors through landing pages, mail in forms, online surveys, or a botton on a website that allows the visitor to move forward and take a form of action. With an offer such as a coupon, discount code, brochure, or something else that the visitor wants, it is in exchange for their contact information on the surveys to get phone numbers or email addresses to reach out to them and exchange an offer/sale to make them customers.

The Lead Generation Process

A Lead Generation Process is the methods that you use to attract customers to follow a path in which they gain increasing interest in your products or services where the end result is them contacting you with the intent to learn more or buy.

Lead qualification is the important process of funneling leads through a set of steps to make sure that they have the potential to be customers who will make a purchases from your business. This is crucial for the revenue and growth of a business. Without a good lead qualification program, your business spends valuable time trying to convert every lead to a customer. This overworks your sales teams and costs your business money. Lead qualification is a service that Peddyl provides to allow our clients business to expand.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification is gauging a person's interest as a potential customer to make a purchase of the product or service the business is providing.

These leads are interested in the product or service offered and are ready to move on to the next step. They have met all of the prerequisite requirements so that you know they are able and willing to purchase your product or service. Sales Qualified Leads are important to any business because they are bringing in revenue. At Peddyl we know the importance of the diverse leads and work with our clients to get good leads that convert to sales.

Sales Qualified Lead

A sales qualified lead is someone who is ready to start and become a paying customer.

Once the visitor has become a marketing qualified lead the sales department reaches out and initially contacts the person to see what they are looking for and runs them through a sales screening process to make sure that they are a good fit for your business. If the lead meets the qualifications for your business such as available budget requirements, time to sale, and other factors, the sales team will move to the position of being a Sales Qualified Lead getting them to the stage that they are interested in the products or services offered by your business at the right price point and time frame.

Marketing Qualified Lead

Marketing Qualified Leads are people who have contacted your marketing teams surveys, landing page, website, posting, mail in survey, but are not yet a customer.

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