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Before we dive into all the reasons why you need a Goggle business profile, let’s define exactly what a Google business profile is and what is is used for. A business profile gives your customers and clients a general idea of what your business is about and a glimpse into your organization’s business plans.


Every Business Needs A Google Business Profile

With a Google Business Profile, you can manage how your local business shows up across Google products, like Google maps and search. If you are running a business that tailors to customers in a particular area or service area like Central New Jersey, your business profile can help your customers and clients to find you.

In order to grow your business to the best of it’s potential, having a Google business profile is essential. By taking advantage of Peddyl’s setup and maintenance of your Google Business Profile, you can be sure you are doing everything in your power to put your business at the forefront of local, national, or international attention to become an even more reputable brand. You will also be able to track and respond to feedback by following reviews, increase website traffic and sales, and gain insights into what products or services you offer that are succeeding or what needs more work. No matter how many social media platforms there are, Google will always be the main go-to option especially when making vital shopping or buying decisions. Around 95% of clients or customers looking for your products or services will do a Google search for a more in-depth understanding of your business and the services that you are offering.


Claiming a Google business profile is one of the easiest and most effective ways for new customers to reach you. Interaction with your clients and customers is more than just about receiving and responding to reviews. Having a Google business profile allows you to answer customer questions which are publicly shown, or giving you the option to direct messaging between you and your customers.

The better you learn your audience this helps you to better focus on their wants and needs. By having a Google business profile you’re giving your customers something more meaningful beyond just a sales pitch. When executed well, strong customer engagement on your business profile will foster your customers loyalty as well as your successful business growth, making a Google business profile crucial to your company.

Customer Engagement


SEO refers to how results appear when someone uses a search engine like Google. When you have a business that serves local clientele, it is important for them to be able to find your business. This is done by having a Google Business Profile that is tied to a geographic location. As a local business owner, you want to ensure that when consumers search for local services, your company appears on their screen. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

You should activate and maintain your Google Business Profile and make sure it is noticeable. But in order to get the most out of it and to get good rankings, you must have your business site in order as well. Having things like your products and services that match your Google Business Profile on your website increases the validity of your listing and helps it rank higher on search engine results.

Perform Local SEO


By allowing Peddyl to set up your Google business profile, you’re giving your clients a rare transparency into certain aspects of your business. Giving verified customers the option to share their honest opinions and reviews creates more trust between your business and the people you sell to. Positive reviews can solidify your company’s reputation, meanwhile your negative reviews can be turned into an opportunity to show your customers how you resolve conflict. Reviews can either make or break your business growth, but with the right incentives like great customer service, reliable services, and products, it won’t be difficult to gather positive reviews.

By responding to reviews as a business owner, you are showing your customers that their satisfaction and concerns are at the forefront of your company values. Taking negative reviews and responding to them politely and with solutions for their negative experiences can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal returning customer, which is a more cost effective way to build customer base rather in the long run rather then having to find new clients. All reviews have the potential of building stronger relationships with your clients, and by letting the world see what people think about your business, as well as how you respond. New customers will now start to flock to your trust-worthy and reputable business.

Build Connections Through Reviews


On your Google Business Profile, everything posted is public information. By publicly sharing your website, reviews, and your contact information in an accessible place such as Google, people that have not heard of your business before will be more curious about your services. Having direct links to your website on your Google Business Profile gives your customers the ability to do their own research about weather they want to invest in your business or not. Publicly sharing your business information makes it easier to compare it with other businesses, allowing your customers and new clients to see the differences in price, service, and the quality of your finished products. This is highly important because most people do their research before committing to any business for anything they purchase.

Not only does sharing information publicly on a Google Business Profile contribute to your business growth and success rate through interaction, it also gives people an avenue to check for updates about your business such as unexpected closings, changes in hours, sales, and discounts. When everyone has access to this information from a simple Google search, it eliminates miscommunication, and makes your brand appear more consistent.

Share Info With Potential Customers


When you set up your Google Business Profile, your profile itself is bound to create more views for your website and company. Having a Google Business Profile allows for more websites visits, as there is a direct link to your official web page on your Google Business Profile. Even if people aren’t making any purchases online, they still have access to all of your company’s information when it comes up on a search engine, like billboards on a highway. This is a constant advertisement of your business service. You are constantly being suggested to people searching anything online pertaining to the services that your company offers.

In addition, your sales are sure to increase with a direct link to your online shopping platform or website that can be ordered from. A Google Business Profile ensures your customers and clients will be able to order and pay for products without complications or confusion. This will make your customers and potential clients feel more comfortable buying from your business online, increasing sales and creating more revenue for your growing business.

Popularity of online shopping has increased tremendously since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Keep up with the times to secure the sales and views needed to keep a business afloat in 2023 and ask your Peddyl representative about setting up a Google Business Profile today.

Increase Traffic And Sales


You need a Google Business Profile because it helps highlight your business. Your business can be seen from people all over who are searching fro your product or services. Having a Google Business Profile continues to highlight your business in a number of ways such as; getting reviews on your business and its services, showing your business hours, phone number, products and services offered, pricing information, appointment booking info, and more. This can also help your business become one of the most frequently viewed  depending on how much it has been searched and reviewed.

Your Google Business Profile is not only important because it helps to draw the attention of potential clients, but it also tells your customers exactly what about your business they should use or buy. This will also help to provide your business with demographic information such as the types of customers you are attracting who are interested in your products or services. This in turn can help you make better informed decisions when it comes to product and service offerings, pricing, and marketing decisions.

It Highlights Your Business

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