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Customer Financing is essential for service related businesses with large ticket items. In most cases it is difficult for customers to come up with large sums of money to complete a project. When you offer financing to your customers it not only helps them manage their budget, but it lets them pay for your products or services in installments.


Every Business Needs Financing

At Peddyl we know that every business is on their own individual journey to success. Your businesses revenue depends on the financial state of your consumers. That’s why we offer customer financing based on your unique needs and objectives. Customer financing is beneficial to both the business and the customer. Customers receive the product for the amount they want while business’s get to close deals on their products and services on the same day. With customer financing we can help your customers pay for the goods and services that they are looking for broken down into payments that work for them. At Peddyl we believe in achieving excellence amongst our clientele who are creating groundbreaking impacts on the future.


There are two different types of financial planning. There is primary financing where the business creates a plan directly with the consumer, or there is third party financing where a small business can use a lender to complete the point of sale.

Primary financing is a method that helps the business receive the full payment while the customer can make monthly payments within their budget over time until the total is paid off. Primary financing is a form of in-house loan that is a better fit for higher priced goods and services. A few examples of products and services that are a perfect fit for in house loans are furniture, appliances, electronics, home improvements and repairs.

When using this method our company will provide the staff and software needed to pay the costs associated with credit checks and payment collections. At Peddyl we develop our own credit policy and the terms for accepting partial payments that will accumulate to the total cost of goods or services.

Third party financing allows a vast amount of different types of credit that are necessary in the approval process. There is a range from interest free to set monthly interest rates. With customer financing we want to help you accelerate your sales process and increase customer loyalty. There is an array of options when it comes to third party financiers. These payments can range from being interest free, to a percentage per transaction, to a flat out monthly fee for using these third party financiers. When offering a third party customer financing to clients there is just a simple four step process. First we start by reviewing the different customer financing options to decide which to offer. Then we let you know which one we believe will work best for you. Next we will take the time to review the applications. If you are using our in house financing we will use our company evaluation process to determine if your credit will sufficiently pass our system. If we use a third party, the company will take care of the approval and rejection process for us to determine if we can proceed with the next steps. After we have received an approval to proceed we will reach out to you to complete the sale. We can then proceed processing your payments via the plan you have chosen that fits your financial budget.

Why is Customer Financing Important To Your Businesses?


We all know the feeling of having to quickly replace a home appliance when it happens at the wrong time. On top of that the initial upfront total cost of the repair or replacement might cause some analysis paralysis trying to plan how you can come up with the cost without it putting a wrench in your plans. Maybe you have a client who has been saving up for their long-awaited week long vacation when just a few months before there is a thunderstorm that caused a tree to fall on their roof above their kitchen damaging appliances and they need some assistance navigating their next steps. We understand how shocking this can be, that’s where we come in. At Peddyl we will work with you to create a customer experience that will take the guess work out of who to choose for such a project. We will deliver results that work seamlessly with you and your customers. You will have us by your side as they navigate the process of roof and appliance repairs while still being able to take their dream vacation. By using one of our methods of customer financing we’ve captured customers on the spot.

Increase Customer Loyalty


We know life can be busy, especially in the summer. We wouldn’t want your customer missing the chance to have an evening barbecue with their friends and family. Maybe they’ve seen your website and you’ve won them over. They are now calling you to build their back deck oasis. Congratulations on providing excellent services. At Peddyl we would be glad to know that our web design services have helped your customers make the right decision when choosing your company because of it’s easy to navigate pages. We can help you sign your customers up for text message marketing so they don’t miss any promotions you are having for the season. That way they can be alerted wherever they are!

Increase Sales


By using customer financing the order value of the goods and services increases. When customers are able to purchase great quality products and services from your business, they will withstand the test of time. Whether it is a top of the line brand new home appliance from a well renowned brand or a website built with all the bells and whistles with a beautiful interface. By continuing to provide top of the line goods and services the customer experience is increased.

Deliver Great Customer Experience


We are able to capture customers on the spot because of the long term payment plans that we provide customers. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality they receive which they can then pass along by word of mouth which increases the total sales by bringing in new customers. When our previous customers have a great experience they become repeat customers because they know what they are receiving when they choose Peddyl. We are here to help you and it is always our pleasure.

Capture Customers on the Spot


With the ever-changing economy and customer financing options available, Peddyl can help you differentiate your business from competitors. Since we are a multi-disciplined consulting firm we can provide you with services from top of the line web design that makes you stand out from the sea of competition to helping you close that deal with a new client.

Peddyl uses the latest software and technology because we are always looking towards the future for you and your customers. Our staff is always keeping up to date with customer relations management, sales, marketing, project management and more to set your business ahead of the competition. When you choose us, your customers will be choosing you, creating a cycle of growth into the future.

Differentiate Your Business from the Competition


By using customer financing we accelerate your sales process by streamlining our delivery of good and services to you to create the most satisfying customer experience for you and your businesses clientele. Customer financing increases our total sales because we offer diverse options that fit each customer’s individual needs. Providing you with our goods and services without the wait, which has increased our customer loyalty because they already know the quality of care from our company that they are receiving. Many of our customers have signed up for text message marketing to receive alerts so they are kept in the loop about our latest promotions. You don’t want to miss a big chance to save your hard earned money when contemplating your business’s growth.

Owning a beautiful home is everybody’s dream. If you are an architect Peddyl is here is help you create an easy to navigate website that showcases your work and takes away the second guessing that  your customer’s may have when it comes to choosing who will build their most prized possession.

Accelerate Your Sales Process

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