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Every Cleaning & Maintenance Company Could Use Something To Better Their Business

With these tools Peddyl will help guide your clients through their purchasing experiences, your company securing new clients, advertisement, and to sell your cleaning and/or maintenance services, to allow your business to grow and succeed. Sourcing your specific online and in-person service needs to Peddyl to establish a strong presence in this ever-changing economy will make more time for you to focus on the bigger and more demanding projects you have.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

The cleaning/maintenance industry, though one of the most difficult to be a part of, can also be the most rewarding with the right business moves. With marketing, web design and lead generation help from Peddyl, your cleaning company will be able to tidy, deep clean, update and secure to its full potential while leaving those mundane yet complex details to our professionals. Peddyl is also proud to offer call-center help and maintenance as well as outside sales representative set-up.


Lead generation for cleaning companies is crucial to the success of your maid service or cleaning business. Through online lead generation, you can be connected with serious potential clients that need the services you provide. For business owners that are focused on expansion, leads to different cleaning jobs can open up a plethora of opportunities in neighborhoods or towns that are not currently being serviced by your business. While both residential and commercial cleaning services rely on different types of clients, both types can be generated through Peddyl’s lead generation service, and help to grow your business exponentially.


 While the sheer amount of constantly suggested new potential clients is arguably the most useful aspect of lead generation for your cleaning company, our lead generation service further specifies which potential customers would be the best fit for your company based on many different factors from carefully gathered information such as location, estimated budgets and what services customers are looking for exactly. This makes the chance of retaining clients much higher, due to the leads matching the interests of both cleaner and property owner. With our lead generation services you can get straight to the point with your potential clients.

Lead Generation


Every professional business has a call center. It would be highly unprofessional and inappropriate not to have one for your company. A call center is important for multiple reasons. The main reason why a call center is essential to your business, well it’s obvious, you need a call center so that you’re not receiving work calls on your personal number. It is beneficial to all of this, such as growing your inside and outside sales, as well as help maintain good communication for clients to consumers. 


 Your call center works as an important tool for your businesses growth. Customers use your call center so they may be directed to the right services such as, housekeepers, or even the different types of maid services that you offer. Not only does it help to dispatch your workers to the proper location, but it also allows customers to leave feedback. 

Call Center


It is crucial to having financing for your business, this give you the proper funding to build your business and the company’s name. Without money to do all things required for your maid services and cleaners, your business is most likely to fail. Having proper finances ensures that all materials needed for the service (cleaning products, employee pay, etc) are there.  


Without the proper financing skills you could end up having more customers and clients then you would materials or vice versa. Properly financing jobs and materials are all very important aspects of a cleaning and maintenance service.  



Obviously when maintaining a business, like cleaning and maintenance services, outside sales are going to speak for themselves. When using cleaning and maintenance services, with a sales rep that will go out in the field and take a look at what’s needed to be fixed or cleaned, your sales rep should always be and look professional. 


Having outside sales will not only help promote your business, but it will also create a steady flow of clients and help build client-to-business relationships. With an outside sales rep, for these services especially, the outside sales themselves are going to build the company more than anything else. 

Outside Sales


It is important to have proper web design because 90% of people search for services, like house keeping, via the internet. A properly laid out web page that breaks down the services you offer as well as images or consumer reviews will help with getting more customers. Having the proper web design will not only increase sales and customers, but it will also help the business look more professional. A web design is essential to your business because it helps your customers to get a definitive on weather or not your services are for them. Meanwhile, helping them to contact the proper departments, sales rep, and other contacts regarding services, such as financing, sales, reviews, and consultations with the proper web design. 


An organized yet up-to-date web design from Peddyl also adds to your consumers’ experience by displaying information about your maid service or cleaning business in a way that makes it easy to locate and interpret specifics of your company. Your web page can be set up by sections to answer FAQs, such as communication of  your mission statement, explaining business history, and display contact information. Companies of all sizes can list their employees to allow customers to choose which employee they would like to perform in-home or commercial cleaning services by name or photo and their services and customizations to those services provided allowing clients to personalize their experience in a format similar (or the same if you set up online check-out as well) to online shopping. Your web page section, dedicated to services your business provides, will also weed out any confusion as to whether your customers are looking in the right place for their desired services. By having an accessible and straight-forward web page design, your cleaning and maintenance business is bound to secure customers just from their online experience alone.

Web Design 


Marketing services are a must have, especially with maid services or housekeeping, without it, this would make it difficult to almost impossible for you to actually make money. Not only does marketing help increase the intake of your money, but will also expand your business as a whole  in central New Jersey, as well as expanding in other parts of New Jersey. Cleaners and housekeepers are always needed, weather its cleaning a house or even just an office. So with the proper marketing skills from Peddyl we can help you to gain more customers and close deals.


While marketing is extremely important in the sense of increasing revenue, marketing also allows for stronger brand consistency. Without uniform slogans, signage, advertisement, language use and code of conduct, customers will have trouble committing their money to your company for fear of becoming involved with a disorganized or chaotically run business. In addition to strengthening your brand consistency and overall positive reputation, having an organized, budgeted and pre-thought out marketing plan gives you an opportunity to deepen existing client relationships. Marketing includes promotions, giveaways, customer loyalty programs, age/school/occupation related discounts and events; that are all funded in hopes of bonding with more than just your customers’ money. With New Jersey being one of the most densely populated areas in the country, there are lots of marketing opportunities to take advantage of that Peddyl can assist your business with.


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