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A call center is a department of a business that specializes and works with inbound and outbound calls for current and potential customers. Businesses can either use in-house staff or they may outsource the calls to another company to handle these calls. There are different types of call centers that specialize in various skill sets used for business and there is one that might work better than another for your specific business needs.


Every Business Needs A Call Center

The utilization of a call center is important for a company because it makes it easier for both the business and the customer to seamlessly communicate, solve problems, complete orders, and sell goods and services. Virtual call centers are becoming more popular which allows the call center agent to make calls from a small branch or from home eliminating the noise and distractions of a typical large office. Having a virtual call center is the future of customer service and marketing for businesses small and large.


Call centers lower the cost of employees because the work can be outsourced to another company with allows the overhead cost of operational charges of the company to lower. Outsourcing to a call center takes a large workload off of employees, thus allowing them to focus on their immediate day to day tasks during office hours creating an environment of efficiency.

Lower Cost Of Employees


Having a call center saves the customer time because the latest technologies can pinpoint the customers questions or concerns and connect them to a representative that can help them with their specific needs. While on the call the agent may ask the customer questions to collect information on lead qualification which helps the business decide which customers will make future purchases. This aids the customer because it saves them time in their search of finding the right product or service that they are looking for.

Saves You Time


By outsourcing a call center you can offer your customers 24/7 support. This benefits the company and the customer because they can offer assistance outside of the confines of the typical 9-5 office hours. This is a great opportunity for customers to reach businesses after hours. By having a call center, customers are able to speak to live agents at any time who can help them solve their inquiries.

Offer 24/7 Support


If you have a customer that needs help with technical support such as trouble shooting or is having difficulty troubleshooting a call center can help with that as well. Customers will be satisfied that they are able to reach a live agent at any time of the day that can walk them through step by step with any problems that may arise. Having a live agent’s assistance can help a customer learn how to work through the problem should it arise again.

Trained In Customer Service


Email marketing is the number one form of digital marketing. It allows businesses to keep in touch with existing customers and educate potential customer. Having a call center is easily scalable. As time goes, your business grows. Peddyl is up to date with the newest software and technology that allows an easy transition for growth. When you have more call center employees, the wait time for customers is shorter which in the long run allows more inbound and outbound calls thus expanding our business.

Easily Scale As Your Company Grows


Call centers can conduct market research on a specific demographic or take surveys amongst a broad group. When conducting a survey, the goal is to keep it short and sweet so that customers don’t immediately decline or bail halfway through due to the lengthy questions. When conducting market research for the company, finding the ideal audience is key. The responses from the survey can change drastically based on the customers age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic group. Sticking to an easy numbering scale such as 1-5 for ratings is beneficial because is easy to understand across all users. Conducting market research also aids in lead generation for the business because they now know who their targeted marketing audience is for the future.

Conduct Surveys


Increased sales is a benefit of a call center where the agents make calls to current and potential customers notifying them of any goods, services, and marketing promotions your business is currently offering. Call centers can reach out to customers about the services your business provides. They can also help answer any questions or help with any products or repairs offered by your business to the customer. Due to the person to person interaction the call center agent is able to identify the wants of the customer and provide them exactly what they are looking for in that moment in time. If there is something that the current agent cannot help with, there might be another agent in the company that is more specialized in what the customer needs thus cross promoting and upselling within the same business.

Qualify Leads


It takes most customers multiple website visits to make a purchase. When you have a call center it makes your business stand out. When you are able to get customers face to face or speak with them on the phone they are more likely to make a purchase. This is how Peddyl differs from other businesses.

Make Your Business Stand Out

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