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Having a business phone number allows a direct line to your company. This can include features like interactive voice response (IVR) tree, which helps your clients to direct themselves. Your virtual phone number is a branding tool just as much as communications systems. This can help to demonstrate legitimacy in your business to your clients and your partners as well. 


Every Business Needs A Business Phone Number

There are several reasons why it is important to have a business phone number. In todays age society is very interconnected with many different online oriented communication, making business telephone numbers more of a necessity then a luxury. 


By having a business phone number you’re maintaining consistency within your business. Setting up your business phone number lets your customers and clients know that your are serious about this venue, as well as open the door to your future business success and growth. Here at Peddyl we provide you with a virtual phone number, giving you the options to work from anywhere.


The last thing you want is a customer calling you in the middle of the night just to discuss a product. You can prevent this from happening by obtaining a dedicated business phone number. The bright side about having this number is you get to enjoy your privacy when it is past working hours, leaving you with the peace of mind knowing you will not be receiving a call from clients or customers on your free time. 


In addition To maintaining separation between your personal and professional life, you can also better manage your time on the job. Business owners can consolidate meetings into brief phone calls, clearing up their schedules to make room for more productive workdays. If you want to maintain a seamless work-life balance, then having a separate business phone number helps a great deal. With a business-only phone, you are prepared and required to answer with your business-call script. This will keep you and your employees on their toes. Not only that, but you’re also working towards a greater work-life balance.

Balanced Work and Home Life


If you don’t want to be caught off guard by a clients call, then getting a virtual business phone number is important. With this number you can receive any incoming calls,  allowing you to hear a message that’s only for you. These message prompts are informing you when there is an incoming call on your business line. On your side of the phone, all you need to do is either press 1 to accept the call or press 2 to forward the call to your business automated voicemail. 


Call screenings lets your team focus on customers, not spam calls. Your clients can only hear a standard ringing on their side of the phone. You can set up a greeting message that your customers can interact with, giving you more time to answer their call. You can also receive texts and email notifications notifying you of an incoming call.

Screen Incoming Calls


The most important factor of having a business telephone number is the fact that it makes the overall client purchasing experience much smoother. By giving your company its own phone number, you’re giving access of your services to almost everyone in your targeted market. Being that the key for business growth and success is expansion, creating another way for your customers and clients to contact your business is one of the best things you can do to reach any potential business goals. 


Business lines can also be conveniently divided by extensions into different departments within your company. This helps customers reach different departments directly, rather than waiting on you to pass on the message to whomever working for you needs to hear it. In addition to being able to program your business phones to reach a specific person within your company, at Peddyl we can also set you up with a voicemail  or message to include your hours of operation, alternative contact information for consultations, and directions for an easier callback such as leaving a full name and a return callback number.

Improve Customer Experience 


Have you ever called a business phone number and instead of a professional voicemail you hear, it’s  the owner of the business’s personal voicemail? Well, most times this can be off putting for customers as it gives an unprofessional look and shows that you don’t value your customer satisfaction. As a customer or a potential partner, you want to be connected to the business, not a personal voicemail or an automated voice message service.


If you want to prevent your customers feeling this way it is best to make sure you have a designated number for your business as well. Having such a number informs your clients right away that they have reached your business and they’ll be contacted once you are available. Always think of how you would feel if this were you trying to contact a business and they came off as rude and unprofessional. You’re not going to want to continue to do business with them. The best way to avoid this and continue on with your business growth is to let Peddyl set you up with a designated business phone number so you never miss a thing. 

Professional Voicemail


Having a business phone number is one of the many ways to create consistency within your brand. When everyone in your business answers the phone the same polite, professional way and gives your customers the same answers to frequently asked questions, they will rely on your business phone number for questions or comments concerning projects consultations, setting appointments, and general pricing. This combined with the fact that your pre-recorded voicemail with information pertaining to your company will not change (except if requested), ensures customers and clients are receiving the same positive experiences each time they invest in your business, with little to no frustration and miscommunication.


You can easily make sure that all of your business listings are using the same phone number and not having to worry about who’s cell phone number is listed where. This way if you need to get a new cell phone number you won’t have to worry about losing a business because of a listing that has your old cell phone number on it. With this consistent branding or your business, your clients will be a lot happier, also, it boosts their confidence in your business, knowing that your a dependable. 

Consistency and Branding 


Having a dedicated work phone gives your clients and partners a direct line to your company. After business hours anyone who calls will be greeted with a message , such as “sorry we can not take your call right now, please call back at our opening hours”. Any messages left will go directly to the business voicemail instead of your personal voicemail risking it to get lost in your personal phone.

Maintain Business Hours

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