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Business email addresses are those that which your company’s name is used. Setting up an email address for business might seem simple, but there are several things to consider when creating yours. With that in mind, you will be interested in learning that your custom email address doesn’t have to be attached to your website hosting provider.


Your business email address is specifically linked to your company for the sole purpose of communication and the correspondence with your vendors and clients. Not only is this used to make sure the correspondence  is  with the right people, but to also make sure that it protects the information of your business and clients, making you more trustworthy.


Every Business Needs A Business Email Address

In addition to a business address, it’s crucial to also have a business email address, creating a more direct avenue for you and your clients to reach each other. A business email address is the most professional yet efficient type of technological correspondence we have today, allowing clients and companies alike to be more accessible on either end without sacrificing their privacy.



Here at Peddyl we can provide your business with an official business email address to give you the peace of mind that you won’t be missing anything on the customer service or clerical end of your business, even on your off days. With email being the only way some softwares will allow you to sign official documents other than creating an account for said software, it’s impossible not to have a business email address. 


If you’re trying to build a professional image for your business then your first impression is very important. A business email address creates a sense of respected privacy between the consumers and sellers. By choosing to negotiate, gather project information, and consulting details through email, you’re allowing your clients to reply to you in a timely manner and at their own pace. 


By calling, leaving messages or even texting your customers, your company may come off as desperate for for their investment, and risking your sales all together. Set up a business email with Peddyl here located in New Jersey and we will solidify your professional image and make your clients feel more comfortable with and during their conversations with you, especially if it is coming from a credible website. 



With email being the most professional yet speedy way of communicating with your business partners, clients, and investors, its no wonder everyone has one. Even if you don’t own or run a business. A generic email address is not considered a trustworthy source. Therefore these types of emails are more likely to get blocked by any spam filters. By not having access to a business email, you risk losing out on any business related emails, such as things you may need to sign for your company.


If your email address falls into spam, your recipients will not see it and your opening rate will drop drastically. Free accounts are often subject to the spam due to hacking and other issues as well, where having a private one will provide your business with greater security, including additional protection measures.  Always have a business email address, that way you can always have an extra backup copy of all of your emails, so you don’t lose them as in the case of if a virus attack of your regular inbox.



Together with flexibility, your own custom business email address gives you greater control over your communications and organizes your system. Through this you can create an email address for your employee’s in your company giving you complete control of monitoring the inactive ones. Using the quickness of email communication in business is to help you with ongoing consultations. If you have clients that you want, or are wiling to negotiate with pricing, sending quotes and pricing models through email is the best way to make a deal with clients with no confusions at all and little wait time.


Having an out of control business can cause various issues, so keeping your emails under control is very crucial to ensuring your superior customer service and response time. With control management of your business email address your company increases in it’s business growth and success.



No matter what role or industry you work in, being able to manage and organize your business email inbox is an important skill. When your business email address is organized, this enables you to recover any crucial messages right when you need them. By prioritizing your emails, this helps to improve how quickly you respond to your most important messages. Let’s put it this way, if you create a sorting system that puts all your must answer emails in one folder, you are able to focus on just getting through that one folder, causing less distractions from non-urgent emails.


Having to sort through and answer emails all day can be a hassle. By being proactive and creating a system that categorizes your emails for you reduces the pressure you may feel when opening a full inbox with having no clue where to start.  Using tags, filters and folders will also help you to search for messages faster. If you are using client tags, then you can easily search through just the messages that have a certain client tag. While doing so, this helps you to reduce how much time you spend looking for any important emails you may have answered already or the ones you may have missed. 

Organize Email By Department 


 Giving your employees their own individual branded email address ensures that they can and will be able to respond to queries that have been sent to CEOs or the owner of the business without losing any of the transparency. Providing the business name in the visible email address obviously tells your customers who the response will be coming from. This is often used if the CEO/Owner is unavailable at the moment or busy, as this means the customers interaction may continue.

Team Members Are Recognized 


An email address is what your clients or customers will think of first when they will want to contact you about your business. This is one of the main important parts of your brand. Having a cooperate email address for your business is what helps you to build your brand’s identity, letting you continue on your business growth, as well as your business success. 


Using a professional email account is an official and verified communication channel with the same relevance as your websites and social media postings. If your domain is registered under name because you work your own personal brand then you can create emails like CONTACT@YOURNAME.COM 


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