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A business address is the official location of your company’s premises, it could be anything like someone’s home address, an office address, or a virtual address. The difference between a mailing address and a physical address is your mailing address is where you have your mail delivered, and when it is a physical address, it’s typically a commercial address or a home address that which your business is physically located.


Every Business Needs A Business Address

It is necessary for small businesses to have a business address, legally speaking having a business address is the only guaranteed way you can protect yourself from tax confusion and missing government related forms, such as your EIN update confirmations, as well as your license renewals. By obtaining a virtual business address, you are saving time and money, you are allowing your mail to be uploaded to your accounts ensuring you won’t have to leave your home or rent an office to expand your business and stay organized.

Located in central New Jersey, Peddyl has the ability to set your small or international businesses up for success and growth by connecting you with an official virtual business address. Stay ahead in your industry with our virtual office technology, watch your business become more manageable as soon as your address has been created.


Running a small business from home may have a great impact on your life , but that doesn’t make it any easier as well either. When you work from home you are required to use a business address, when using a business address it helps you to keep your personal life separate from your business life. As a business owner we do not want our customers to know our personal address. How would you like it if a customer came knocking at your home address? You wouldn’t feel comfortable with knowing that your customers have your personal address.

Having your personal address as your professional address can cause an invasion of your privacy. When starting a new business and for the potential business growth of your business you need to think about having or getting a professional address which will keep your business separated from your personal life.

Privacy Concerns


Being professional is a very important part of starting any small business. When you are opening a new business your quality image has to be able to make a good first impression on any possible customers that come across your company. By having a business address, clients can see that you have the professionalism and success to invest in a proper office. Your first impression is all they need just to give your business a chance.

Small businesses trying to open up or to even get their products across city lines must present your customers with the right image, using the right products and images can impact the way your business growth will be. Having your own business address allows you to offer your clients with picture perfection, with all the best features they could possibly want, all while doing it in the comfort of your home.

Professional Image


In order for your business to appear credible and reliable, it is crucial to be organized in your approach to mail communication. Setting up a business address will help to stay better connected with your clients, also providing a safe place where your documents can stay and be referred to in the future. While uploading your mail for you, we can help you to immediately access and keep track of mailed invoices, receipts, contracts, and other consultation paperwork, that risk being lost or mistakenly disposed after being placed in a pile of papers at home, or in the work place. In addition to providing a place where your business can receive their confirmations of business changes, tax returns for businesses are sent to the businesses official business address that they have on record with the IRS.

A business address also secures your ability to hold onto your amazing business growth and reputation by being transparent in your transactions, mainly billing. No one wants to send a check to and address that isn’t, or can’t be verified. Setting up your business address helps your customers to feel more secure and confident in knowing that their money or signatures are in the right hands. If your business growth and business success is even partially determined by how you handle your communication, then setting up a business address through Peddyl is a great way to make sure your clients can trust that your small business is legitimate and professional.

Trust and Credibility


Every day small and large businesses have to deal with the pressure and demands of having to perform faster, smarter and more efficiently. Having more technological advances, your employees can connect with customers all over the world using many different devices. Collaboration and communication tools are making it so easy to connect to anyone globally in multiple locations, as a result, many small or large businesses may reconsider how they operate their company.

Keeping up with business growth in your particular industry is crucial for your business success. In the market, not only do your customers want timely access to your goods and services, but they also need to know that you are able to adapt to manage your company in a market that is also heavily flooded with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Using a business address from Peddyl for your company creates a competitive edge for your business, which is a quicker and more organized way of correspondence.

Competitive Edge


The expense of a business address through Peddyl is much more manageable than maintaining a physical business address, especially for small businesses. Offering a regular monthly fee, here at Peddyl we offer the benefits of a professional business environment without having to pay the commercial rent and maintenance price. Allowing business owners to direct their funding towards a more important aspect of their businesses, such as your advertising , consulting, and updating your existing equipment.

The competition to secure an office space and funding for an office space in New Jersey makes the task itself nearly impossible for new and small businesses. Peddyl’s business addresses give you the professional face that you still want your company to obtain even without having the high costs. Making the right decision to set up a business address instead of renting a space could save you and your business enough money to keep it running, especially during tough times, still giving your business the success and growth that it deserves.



Using a business address from Peddyl becomes SEO friendly. When your business becomes SEO friendly it allows your customers to be able to find you from Google searches. Google + as a social media social media site can and will also share your location with just a pin on a map, this will add a refined and professional look to your business.

If a person is trying to find the quickest way to the best business for whatever they may need, they need to be able to choose by proximity, choosing by proximity can be convenient for you making the customers choose you over another business. Your business address is what will always keep you ahead of the others that are also in small business.

Better Advertising


Some apartments and homeowners associations have strict regulations. Every business is legally required to have a business address in order to conduct processes through the state and federal court laws if necessary. One of the most important factors of a business address is that this official address functions as a reliable avenue for you to update any of your business information with local, state and federal governments, such as the IRS.

Using Peddyl to create a business address for you is the most cost effective way to prevent mishandling of your business mail without hiring extra staff. By trusting Peddyl with your business address, you are ensuring that your received taxes and government documents make it into the right hands without the hassle of leaving your home, or computer.

Legal Restrictions

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